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Jakub Kostal

Kostal_Website2Dr. Jakub Kostal, Chief Scientific Officer at Sustainability A to Z, has a broad background in computational chemistry and its applications to problems in physical-organic chemistry, biochemistry, green chemistry and toxicology.  His research expertise spans computational modeling of organic and enzymatic reactions in condensed phases, computer-aided drug discovery, de novo enzymatic design and the development of novel methods for toxicity prediction and safer chemical design. His past appointments include Director of Designing Safer Chemicals Program at the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering and Guest Researcher at the Laboratory of Computational Biology, National Institutes of Health. Dr. Kostal has authored a number of publications on the topics of computational chemistry and toxicology, as well as co-authored a chapter in Designing Safer Chemicals, Handbook of Green Chemistry Series. Dr. Kostal holds B.A. from Middlebury College (Chemistry, Arabic) and a Ph.D. from Yale University (Computational and Physical Chemistry). Dr. Kostal’s hobbies include skiing, whitewater rafting, and backpacking.