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Stakeholder Engagement


Consulting on green chemistry regulations & policies

There is a proliferation of green chemistry regulations and policies at the local, state, national, and international level. We have worked with both policymakers and organizations that must comply with these new regulations to ensure that they are efficient and effective in driving innovation and implementation of safer alternatives.

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting has increasingly become standard practice among companies large and small, as shareholders, consumers, government, and other stakeholders demand ever-greater transparency from from the private sector. Sustainability reporting can take many forms, including internally-driven Corporate Social Responsibility reports, or externally-driven frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) or REACH. We will guide you through the process of identifying the most appropriate reporting scheme(s) for your organization  and help you develop the systems and processes necessary to collect, manage and communicate your sustainability information.

Supply chain engagement & transparency

While there is much that can be achieved in terms of reducing the environmental impact within your organizations’ four walls, this often pales in comparison to the impact that occurs throughout your organization’s supply chain. Given the global nature of today’s marketplace, it is important to have mechanisms to identify and communicate with first-, second- and sometimes third-tier suppliers. Through metrics and surveys, we have worked to establish partnerships between our clients and their supply chain to support transparent information exchange in a way that is cognizant of proprietary or confidential business information. This information can be used to set goals, quantify metrics, or identify potential liabilities or opportunities related to environmental, social, or economic performance.

Technical matchmaking

Given our significant network throughout the Green Chemistry and Green Engineering communities in academia, industry, and governmental labs, we have the capacity to identify the right expert or experts to meet your organization’s unique needs. We can facilitate bringing this expert to your organization for a seminar and can support efforts to establish a partnership with the expert from problem identification through a satisfactory solution.