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Green Chemistry & Green Engineering


Green Chemistry & Green Engineering implementation

The Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering were developed as frameworks to operationalize sustainability. There is significant attention to the “what” and “why” of sustainability and much less engagement on the “how”. These Principles provide guidance to ensure consideration of efficiencies, but also to reduce hazard and consider a product or service’s life cycle in a systematic way. This limits the likelihood of advancing any one sustainability goal with trade-offs or unintended consequences.

Guiding sustainable innovation

Innovation is a critical element to achieving sustainability goals and staying competitive in the marketplace. We will not move away from the current unsustainable trajectory with the chemicals, materials, processes, policies, and ideas we have today. It is imperative that we innovate – and aim for disruptive innovation where possible – because innovation is value, is new performance, is competitive advantage, is fun. However, this innovation must be aligned with our sustainability objectives. In this way, we ensure that we are designing the tomorrow we want and not creating challenges for future generations with our novel designs.

Independent assessment of chemical design & formulation tools

Many companies have already embarked on their sustainability journey through developing new tools for raw material design, chemical screening, and formulations. We have provided critical analysis of some of the leading-edge tools that identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. We have helped make these tools more efficient, in part through leveraging publically available information, and have supported the expansion of several of these tools to incorporate emerging chemicals and concerns. The result of these activities is tools that are more robust, more user-friendly, and more rigorous, ultimately making them more useful.