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About Us

Our Mission

Sustainability A to Z, LLC, is an engineering and sustainability consultancy based in Guilford, Connecticut. Our mission is to advance the practical implementation of sustainability through Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. While many organizations focus on the “what” and “why” of sustainability, we focus on the “how”. We help organizations determine how to design and implement innovative strategies to simultaneously meet environmental, economic, and societal goals. While we have deep familiarity and experience with the broad sustainability agenda and strategic planning, our passion lies in bringing science and technology to bear on sustainability challenges. Our expertise is in applying life cycle analysis tools and green chemistry and engineering principles across multiple scales, from molecules, products and processes to entire systems.


Our Model

We apply the principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering to drive product innovation and create sustainable value for our clients. We offer a range of sustainability science and technology services, including life cycle assessment of products and facilities, design tools for benign chemicals and formulations, and carbon and water footprinting. We have worked with dozens of clients across the private and public sector, including some of the world’s largest retailers, bulk and specialty chemicals manufacturers, consumer products and personal care products manufacturers, electronics companies, and national and international government entities.

For each project our core members assemble a team gathered from our worldwide network of experts in a broad range of science and technology disciplines, as well as consulting, facilitation, and public policy. The type of work, while always involving sustainability science and technology, is tailored to the unique needs of our client and considers as a starting point their current status, engagement, and commitment toward sustainability.


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